DojaCat has a problem with Noah Schnapp posting DMs. The 17-year-old actor shared some Instagram DMs with

the 26-year-old "Say So” singer earlier this week after she asked him to tell his Stranger Things costar Joseph Quinn.

Doja reacted to the viral DMs via social media. She's unhappy that Noah shared their "private conversation" publicly.

Doja posted a live video on Instagram on Thursday (7 July) to share a message to her fans not to chase Noah. He's young and may not understand what he did when he posted the DMs.

I think that it is fair to say that, so let's be calm about it," Doja began. "Like Noah, but I don't know his age, but he can never be over - like there is no way he could be 21.

You make mistakes when you are young. You do dumb s-t. I'm trying to be fair," Doja said. You do dumb s---, you say dumb-s-t.

F-king up relationships with people. You make mistakes. As if you were supposed to do it so you don't do it again. So that I don’t do it again, I did my fair share of f–k ups.

Doja changed her mind about the situation. Doja stated that Noah posted a private conversation between us 

and it was so socially ignorant and wack. "That's borderline snake s---, that's weasel-s---t.

Noah Schnapp

She said, "And that doesn't mean that that encompasses his whole personality. I don't think Noah would have it that way."

Perhaps he is like a whole snake. He wasn't like that to me. I assumed he would be calm about it,

Doja Cat

and he shared information I wasn't comfortable sharing. "Stanger things Star Noah Schnapp"

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