Although Doja was enjoying her new style and has been painting fun, fresh eyebrow designs, a lot of people criticized her new look.

After becoming fed up with all the negativity, Doja decided to scream at all the trolls by sending a direct message. 

"I received a grammy award and traveled the world. I've had a number one and I won platinum," Doja tweeted on Sunday (August 14).

I create hit after hit, and I want to be like a f-k for you so that you can return home and be able to j-k your

c'-ks all night all while living in the basement of your mother's home. Get f-k yourself.

Doja Cat Slams Hater

Doja's note to those who dislike her follows she opened up about a long-running personal battle regarding her hair.

I believe that I'm not supposed to have hair in the first place," Doja declared on Instagram Live. "I do not want to have hair. I've never been a fan of having hair.

Doja Cat

I can't ever say in a single instance from the start of my life when I've been like, "This is awesome. I do not like having hair.