Throughout the entire 2022 NBA offseason, rumors floated about the fate of Utah Jazz All-Star Donovan Mitchell.

Following Mitchell's Jazz partner Rudy Gobert was sent away with Minnesota's Minnesota Timberwolves, it seemed Mitchell could be the next to fall.

Although the Jazz initially avoided any trade discussions about Mitchell, Utah eventually decided that a rebuild was the best option to ensure their long-term success.

It appeared that Mitchell was the Jazz's loss because the Knicks are considered to be the first to get him off the start.

However, after that, the Knicks, as well as the Jazz, did not come to an agreement on the best trade terms for both sides in the early part of

this week the Knicks extended their standout young player RJ Barrett and that entangled the trade talks further.

Then it was that the Cleveland Cavaliers took advantage and participated in the Mitchell sweepstakes. 

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After a couple of days, the Knicks extended Barrett the Jazz and Cavs agreed to a blockbuster agreement.

The team certainly made some adjustments, but how important the changes were remains to be determined.

The agreement was signed on Saturday. was signed, according to the press release. 

Donovan Mitchell Officially Joins Sixer