In an interview for  News47 during the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) on Sunday, the performer

Dove Cameron

who was previously known as platinum blonde explained why she decided to change her hairstyle to brunette.

"I genuinely felt like dyeing my hair was a total identity shift for me," Cameron 26 admitted. "I have so much genuine, emotional pain attached to being a blonde."

"When I dyed my hair, it was a reclamation of deciding who I was versus who I felt I always had to be," she said. "I feel like I have more fun now, and I feel more in touch with myself."

"It's wild how something as small as a hair color can do that for us," Cameron said.

Dove Cameron Says Dyeing Her Hair Brunette

Wow. Thank you for your kindness. I'm blown away, truly moved. It's amazing to be here in the presence of numerous artists I admire,

and they are among my absolute favorite artists to be in this room," she began her speech.

Dove Cameron

"This year has been extremely wild and I don't have an explanation other than I have you to thank. I'm sure of it.

Cameron added, "I want to dedicate this to all of the queer kids out there who don't feel that they can take up space and inhabit the fullness of who they are."