HBO already has a number of " Game Of Thrones" spin-offs currently in development including the first, " House Of The Dragon," scheduled to debut on the channel in August.

However, the news about yet another spinoff, this time featuring Kit Harington's Jon Snow, made the rounds this week.

Emilia Clarke, it's true. When she spoke to BBC, Clarke confirmed Harington's involvement on the show. "He has told me about it, 

" she claimed, "And I know it exists. It's taking place." Of course, "it's happening" in this instance implies it's currently in development, as are at the very least 4 other "Thrones" spinoffs.

It doesn't mean HBO will shoot a pilot, appoint the production of a show or premiere it, and so on.

Kit Harington

If they were planning to be a double header the team should have allowed our fans 20 mins. This is exactly what they should've achieved, Lopez says in "Halftime.

she said and said that he's involved from the beginning. The show you'll be watching, should it happen, is endorsed to be approved by Kit Harington.

The idea of having Jon Snow's return to the screen be led through the same actor that played the character for eight years sounds like an ideal plan on paper. 

But one has to wonder what Harington's plans for the Jon Snow character. The show concluded by Jon Snow forsaking his right to

Emilia Clarke

the Iron Throne and fleeing into The North along with Tormund Giantsbane, and the other wildlings.

Kit Harington

no more White Walkers and the wildlings being more or less peacefully at peace and the "Thrones" world is very different from the one that Jon Snow was once in.