For the pop singer-songwriter superstar Ed Sheeran, his speech stutter was the result of an operation that he underwent when he was a kid.

After trying various treatments for speech with little results, Sheeran discovered that rapping to the music of Eminem's

"The Marshall Mathers LP" worked wonders. I was able to learn every word in reverse," Sheeran explained during an address in 2015 in the American Institute for Stuttering. 

"He performs extremely fast and extremely melodically and percussively. It helped me eliminate the stutter.

Kidman isn't the only actor to struggle with speech issues. As with Kidman, it is hard to be able to tell from Emily Blunt's movie performances, but she lived with a stutter for a long time.

For Blunt, she realized that playing characters helped ease her stutter to teenagers, but not entirely eliminated it.

"Once you are a stutterer, you will always be a stutterer," she stated in a speech at a gala.

Emily Blunt 

I don't think that's the reason I've gotten to acting" Blunt told People. "But it was somewhat shocking the first time 

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I had the ability to speak, as in with a silly voice or a fake accent to be someone else.