Emily Ratajkowski shaded "ugly men" via TikTok during the weekend during her split from Sebastian Bear-McClard.

Model, 31 took part to the app's popular "He's a 10 but..." ..." trending duet" post by users @Pierina.

Emily Ratajkowski

Ratajkowski made a sly look at the video's declaration, "When he thinks he's a 10 because he pulled you but you like ugly men."

Emily Ratajkowski  Bear-McClard

The bikini-clad star was also able to lip-sync part of the remix of the rap track "Pump 101" by Digga D and Still Brickin "How can I say this in a friendly way?"

The brunette beauty then pinned an additional note to the comment section, which reads, "For legal reasons, this is a joke."

But, people couldn't help to praise her for her "epic" dig, seemingly directed at her husband, who is now in a relationship with her.

Emily Ratajkowski to divorce

"Emily this is god-tier breakup behavior," one user wrote. A second user added, "This trend is literally created just for you. ..."

Page Six reported back in July that Ratajkowski was contemplating filing in divorce from Bear-McClard due to accusations of cheating.

The last time she was seen she was spotted getting out of her NYC apartment which she shared "Uncut Gems" producer, 34.

Moving people spotted the model carrying furniture clothing, plants and clothesout from the.

Emily Ratajkowski shades ‘ugly men’