Erica Banks has finally come out and spoken about her controversial performance. Banks has addressed the controversy surrounding her recent performance 

"Buss It" raptress has been defending her decision to dance in the presence of students from high school at an event for pep rallies.

On the 21st of August, the 23-year-old hip-hop star took onto the Instagram Story to seemingly question what the fuss is about her giving high school students a twerking class. 

She retweeted Lil Nas The X's tweet that was originally shared on the site The Shade Room. "why y'all get mad at me so easily. all I've ever done was be a bad b***h," read the tweet.

A couple of hours prior, Erica commented on The Neighborhood Talk's blog post that received a lot of complaints regarding her performance.

"Girl didn't nobody touch them, kids, clearly," the "Throw a Lil Mo," the writer wrote, responding to the issue. "We had a great time, good day."