Erika Jayne won a significant victory in court this week, in the fraud suit Two of her husband's former coworkers - attorneys Philip R. Sheldon and Robert P. Finn - filed in the latter half of 2020.

Los Angeles Judge Richard Fruin has found no evidence that suggests she was not involved "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star 51,

who is a judge, did not engage with "any wrongdoing," Jayne's lawyer Evan C. Borges exclusively confirmed to Page Six on Tuesday.

Sheldon along with Finn had filed a lawsuit against Jayne in connection with "aiding and abetting" Girardi the 81-year-old in the accused crime.

They also claimed that the real model knew that her estranged husband had been using their share of settlement proceeds to pay for her extravagant lifestyle.

However, as per court documents obtained exclusively through Page Six, the judge declared Tuesday that

the defendants were unable to establish whether the "RHOBH" star had any "actual knowledge" of Girardi's supposed violations.

"Housewife" added, "The "Housewife" added, "I just thought that it would all be taken into consideration. 

I really didn't ask. It's not like I was making millions of dollars ... The truth is, I did not know what they were up to down there."

Erika Jayne

The judge then referenced an admission from those who filed the lawsuit, where they acknowledged that Jayne did not actually participate in the agreements with Girardi and his associates.