In the midst of four long years trying to be the most unique and mysterious character Kat, I'm forced to say goodbye."

 Barbie Ferreira

she posted on her Instagram Story that featured fan images of her cam-girl alter-ego. "I would like to think that a lot of you can feel

yourself like I did and that she was a joy for you to watch her evolve to become the person she's today."

Before stepping down, Ferreira noted that she gave all of her "care and affection to her" and she expressed her hope that her fans "could be able to feel that.

Ferreira first appeared as Kat the plus-sized high school student who wants to feel confident in her body in the technological age, in the first season of Euphoria in 2019.

She said, "Sometimes, things take on an identity of their own and they're not grounded in reality But it's okay since

I know it's because of enthusiasm and curiosity and all these great things. I've signed up for it. So, I'll go for it. I'll choose the good as well as all the negative.