The actor mentioned an incident where he fractured his jaw following slipping into the house and striking his chin on the fountain made of granite.

He was able to recall awakening to discover his chin bone hanging from his face when he had the accident.

A High School Musical alumni have been working with a doctor and have been doing physical therapy to fix this.

However, after taking some time away from the exercises, He explained that "The masseters [muscles] just grew. They just got really, really big."

The actor acknowledged that he didn't know about the internet's rife speculation regarding whether or not he'd gone under the knife before his mother called to inquire about his opinion on the rumor

However, Zac explained his inability to use knowledge of social media due to the fact that he usually stays clear of it all to safeguard his physical health.

"If I valued what other people thought of me to the extent that they may think I do," Zac stated, "I definitely wouldn't be able to do this work."