She posted a series of Instagram Stories that featured a DEXA scan that showed her current body-fat percentage as well as bone density.

Kardashian displayed her body fat percentage and noted how it had decreased over the previous year. She also highlighted her high bone density scores.

If Kardashian decides to lose weight and check her body fat percentage, she can do so. (Hear that, SCOTUS?)

When you have a platform reaching hundreds of millions of people, the decisions you make can be a bit more weighty.

Kim Kardashian

Especially when you feel the need for the rest of the world to know about them. Kardashian is proud to boast about her body-fat percentage,

weight loss, and other aspects of her life that have been lost. This is an attempt to revive an era where fatphobia,

We have learned how harmful it is to see wellness solely as aesthetic or result-oriented. Finally we are learning to eat, 

move the way we want, and unlearning the false hierarchy and "shoulds" that were once placed on food, bodies and abilities.