Fans rallied around Lizzo's cause following the comedian Aries Spears made several offensive remarks regarding Lizzo's "Good as Hell" singer.

In an interview on "The art of dialogue" Podcast, Spears expressed disgusting comments about her body weight as well as appearance.

"I am still unable to be bothered by the fact that she's like an emoji of the sh*t. She's gorgeous. She's got a gorgeous face, yet she's always flaunting her figure.

It's not fair," Spears said in an interview clip that was posted on the internet. "I am not the best shape person in the world however,

when you get fun and you gain confidence and swagger, you have a decent appearance. I'd say I'm at the very least pretty... you'll be unattractive.

However, a woman who's built to resemble potato mash is at risk. She's dope. Her music is intense... the body isn't."

I know what is the most gruesome thing about women? The inconsistency and hypocrisy. 'Yaas, Queen.' 'Slay, Queen.' F**k diabetes.

Heart issues. Heart disease, cholesterol. Twitter went on the attack, taking Lizzo's side.

Fans Defend Lizzo

A lot of users also highlighted the irony in Spears commenting on Lizzo's weight, noting that Lizzo himself isn't in top shape.

"Whole time you're breathing heavily as you sit in a chair and Lizzo walking around in heels, for long hours, and playing the flute," one user tweeted.

"Every word was unneeded. Silence is unpaid. #AriesSpears ought to have remained in silence," another wrote.