Fans are vocally angry about the fact that First Kill was canceled this week following just one season. And rightly so.

The show's showrunner for the show, Felicia D. Henderson spoke about her decision not to renew her contract with Netflix and provided some insights on the reasons.

When I got the phone call to say they weren't renewing the show since the completion rate wasn't good enough, obviously I was extremely disappointed," Felicia told 

"What showrunner isn't? I was told sometime in the past that their hopes for completion would be higher. It didn't.

She also reveals that the promotion for the show was not the best and the streaming platform also fumbled the bag a bit.

The artwork for the first marketing campaign was stunning," she says. "I thought I was expecting that this would be the beginning,

and the other equally fascinating and significant aspects of the show--monsters. monster hunter,

'First Kill' Showrunner

the fight between two matriarchs who are powerful, etc.--would eventually be promoted however, this didn't happen.

But, Feliciaadds that she's proud of her creative team and the cast. The company licensed the IP and provided an initial script and provided a sound production budget" producers note.

"The staff of the creative was extremely helpful when we were shooting the show in gruelling conditions.

This was before there were "vaccines to everyone and 'vaccines for all' in Atlanta the city that was an extremely crowded production center.

I'm convinced that this cast is among the top I've worked with. And their rapport? Sure, they're on fire," Felicia stated.

The show is kicking and we were among the top five worldwide and in the United States for the initial four weeks. I was extremely optimistic.