Florida State football players are having a blast together with Brian Kelly following the Seminole's victory by 2423 against LSU Tigers on Sunday night.

FSU offensive lineman Dillan R. Gibbons trolled Kelly on Twitter, slamming him for using the term "fake accent."

Kelly obviously was a hit in the offseason due to an entirely new voice that he picked up from his brief time at Baton Rouge.

Gibbons has called him out for the incident following the Seminoles winning a dramatic game against LSU on Sunday night.

"No fake accents on this team... #GoNoles #KeepCLIMBing," Gibbons said. Gibbons. Ouch. You can talk about rubbing salt on the wound.

Sports Illustrated has more information on Brian Kelly's fake accent. Kelly tried to use to use a imitation Southern accentin his debut speech to the LSU crowd,

was ridiculed throughout the offseason following his departure from Notre Dame and signing a 10-year deal with LSU that is worth more than $100 million.