Brian Kelly did not have an impressive debut as LSU's head coach in many ways.

Former LSU Star Reacts To Brian Kelly

Kelly's team was beaten in the season opener in a heartbreaking manner on Monday night then on Tuesday, the rookie coach had a tense encounter during a press conference.

Kelly confronted a reporter Leah Vann of The Advocate who was late for the press conference. Vann said that the event was a success if Kelly was a winner, maybe she'd be there on time.

Vann apologized since then however ESPN's Marcus Spears, a Louisiana native, and LSU Alumnus, believes Kelly needs to work on adjusting to his new environment.

"Ultimately, this speaks to where Brian Kelly is right now," Spears stated on "First Take Today," on SDS.

"I'm not going to make this an overall serious conversation, but there is a different way, and a different interaction in the Southeastern Conference,

with how it's covered, with how teams are dealt with, with your relationship with the media, your relationship with fans and people when you're out and about that doesn't exist at Notre Dame."

Spears has called Kelly "a good coach" who has performed an "phenomenal job in college football" and adds "cache and credibility" to the position. But, it's unlikely to be a problem in the future.