The CEO of the company has been identified as Patrick Delany, who stated, "I was like, "What's this show that has a small,

fat girl who is walking into the flame? '" Delany was attempting to come up with a joke about the first time was a fan of Game of Thrones

and was referring to the country that was receiving the first episode of House of the Dragon. House of the Dragon is the prequel spinoff that is based on House Targaryen, 

which is the place where the character of Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen) was born in. Based on the comments above, Delany and Foxtel have apologized.

When Delany was making the remarks regarding Clarke during the event the audience heard a gasp heard in the crowd.

The people in the crowd seemed equally offended like we were. Clarke is known to be an extremely loved actor based on her appearance in Game of Thrones.

For Ms. Delany, the Foxtel Group apologizes for any comments that were misinterpreted or caused offense." As of now, Emilia Clarke has not yet responded to these remarks.