Emilia Clarke wasn't the actress who played Daenerys Targaryen in the pilot episode of Game of Thrones and the actress who was originally on the show has spoken out about being substituted.

The part was performed by actor Tamzin Merchant in the pilot episode of the show in 2009. she was replaced after the show was renewed by HBO.

Tamzin stated she was interviewed. "It was a confirmation of being aware of my feelings and following them. 

I attempted to pull myself out of the situation. However, in the course of contract negotiations, I did withdraw.

I was then re-involved to sign the contract by some convincing people. Then I was naked and scared in Morocco and on the horse who was clearly more excited to be there than I was.

Tamzin continues. "I had no formal training in acting and I'm just following my gut instincts. What excites me and motivates me are a compelling tales and captivating characters.

For myself, Game of Thrones was never really that. It's a tribute to Emilia Clarke for making this role a legendshe clearly was

enthusiastic to tell that story and was incredible and great. For me, it was not my desire to tell that story."