Gary Payton II left the Golden State Warriors and joined the Portland Trail Blazer

Gary Payton II Reveals True Reason

Six years after fighting with the team for roster slots, Gary Payton II solidified his status as a reliable NBA player for his team the Golden State Warriors.

Payton put himself in a position to secure a lucrative guarantee this season as well, for the very first time during his professional career, 

the 29-year-old guard was given the chance to hear the offers and make a choice regarding his future.

In a bid to avoid going further into the luxury tax the Warriors let Payton move to the Portland Trail Blazers, despite Payton's wish to remain with Golden State.

When asked about the reason Payton resigned from his home team the Warriors, Payton was honest and stated that he had to be paid.

"It didn't work out. I would love to go back to Golden State, but it didn't work out. Just the timing and everything. 

Just a business deal, and I just had to take the money," Payton II stated during an episode of "Truth and Basketball" featuring George Karl.