"The Greek Freak" shared an amusing story about an unintentional language error that nearly ended his marriage.

Giannis Antetokounmpo is according to numerous NBA fans, the best player in the NBA, and using a sound argument.

Starting from nothing and living in the streets of Greece have made Antetokounmpo an extremely humble man who cares about his family.

In a recent Instagram posting, Giannis chose to share the tale of his wife's being a cheater and transform it into a corny joke.

"First time I heard that my wife was cheating on me was kind of like a hard pill to swallow. She texted me back,

and she was like, 'I'll be back in like 10-15 minutes max.' And I was like, 'Who the hell is Max? My name is Giannis. '" Antetokounmpo shared the story on his Instagram.

While it's only one of the many famous and snarky dad jokes at the end of the day it's not difficult to believe that the same type of 

dialogue occurred in the relationship between Giannis as well as his spouse because of the language gap. Evidently, Giannis did not

speak English very well when he began his career. However, with many years of experience, he's grown more proficient.