Gina Kirschenheiter is accused of pushing her boyfriend Travis Mullen down the stairs in front of his children during an altercation at home.

A source close to Gina said the allegations are false, without merit, and an attempt to smear her name in their ongoing custody battle.

According to Radar Online, Travis's ex Meghan Mullen is not opposed to an emergency investigation, saying it "is warranted based on the concerns

 and welfare of Petitioner and l's three children," adding that a probe "is needed as our children may be living in a home where they are witnessing domestic violence."

Meghan alleged in court documents that Travis was arguing with Gina about her drinking habits before things turned violent.

Travis's daughter "witnessed Gina push Travis down the stairs, banging head on the wall, an [sic] throwing hairs and pictures off the wall.

Gina responded to Travis's allegations, including that she physically assaulted him in October. "I did not assault him," Gina wrote in the legal documents.