Gloria Estefan revealed her reasons for turning off the chance to sing alongside Jennifer Lopez and Shakira in the 2020 Super Bowl Halftime Show.

It's their time... the two are doing something totally different," Estefan said of Lopez and Shakira.

She also said she's performed several different Super Bowl performances in the past, and she wanted the event to be a memorable occasion for the two women. 

Lopez has also said that having two performers perform in the Halftime 2020 show is an "terrible idea" in her Netflix documentary "Halftime."

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The majority of her frustration has to do with time limitations. In a phone call with Shakira on the show, Lopez is angry that they are only allowed to talk for 12 minutes.

If they were planning to be a double header the team should have allowed our fans 20 mins. This is exactly what they should've achieved, Lopez says in "Halftime.

While Estefan admitted that she hasn't seen the documentary she voiced her concern regarding time limitations that could be present if she had decided to perform in the same manner.

Let's look at the main point. There is a short time. It's about 12 minutes or so to set up and get the show off the stage...

Okay Imagine the things J.Lo might have had to say if she were three (performer)!" she stated.

J. Lo, Shakira At Super Bowl