Grimes said she was being interrogated for "many hours" following she was "wrongfully charged" for throwing snowballs on the car of Queen Elizabeth II.

"Once the queen used to [sic] driving by my high school on a snowy day and throughout the day long,

the teachers warned us with no snowballs," the Canadian artist whose is real name Claire Elise Boucher, tweeted on Wednesday.

"as she drove by, it was quiet and all the teachers were on high alert. Just as the parade was getting close to the end, one snowball flew over the crowd and struck the car."

"Genesis "Genesis" star, who is 34 said that the "entire crowd went insane," but it was she who was said to have borne all the burden of this joke.

"I was falsely accused and was required to spend countless hours being interrogated," she claimed, adding, "still to this day the perpetrator is still unknown. It was awe-inspiring."