The group, which consists of Axl Rose Slash and Duff McKagan was scheduled to perform in Glasgow Green. Glasgow Green.

The representative however said on Monday that the show was canceled because of illness.

Guns N' Rose

Unfortunately, due to medical reasons and illness, GN'R will not be allowed to perform in Glasgow on 5 July 2022 tomorrow. 

We are currently working on alternatives to reschedule this concert, so please save your tickets and keep

an eye out for another announcement. We appreciate your patience and understanding the group wrote on Twitter.

The news comes as Guns N' Roses played smaller sets at two recent London concerts, and there were reports

Guns N' Roses

indicating that Rose was having issues with his voice during the concert in Norway last month.

Guns N' Rose

The latest concert cancellation affects the residents of Glasgow. Red Hot Chilli Peppers called off their gig on 1 July due to illness as well.

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They are hoping to schedule the show for an earlier date.

Guns N' Rose