Hailey Bieber is my beauty and fashion icon. I am always trying to recreate her hairstyles and have seen her make some fashion purchases when I see her sporting the.

I'm also awestruck by her nails. She is always sporting the ideal nail polish shade that I cannot be able to nail regardless of how many photos I show to various nail technicians.

It's a relief that Bieber's manicure expert Zola Ganzorigt recently revealed to POPSUGAR her preferred nail technique that gives an amazing "glazed doughnut" effect.

Hailey Bieber 

She adds she adds that Bieber generally gets neutral colors and never has a solid color. We mix at minimum two shades to make her own personal shade.

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She is reported to love using OPI Bare My Soul ($21), OPI Put It in Neutral ($21), OPI Pale to The Chief ($20) and OPI Bubble Bath ($21).

Ganzorigt has revealed the exact color combinations that is required to create it at home, so naturally I wanted to test it myself.