Hailie Jade Mathers is taking a look back at her early years. Hailie, 26, talked about the "surreal" childhood growing up as the daughter of Eminem.

It's such a pleasure to look at the past ... looking at the time I was an adult. I'm thinking, 'Wow this is so, unbelievable'

and the memories of me believing that those were just normal but now I'm as if I'm thinking, 'Holy crap, that was cool. 

" Hailieshared with her childhood best friend Brittany Ednie about riding on the rapper's tour bus as she was a teenager.

Hailie Jade

Brittany later spoke about her feelings on the incident, stating that they believed it was normal at the time.

I can remember riding on the tour bus of Eminem and our experiences of growing up were amazing and special to reflect on now," Brittany explained.

"At that time, everything seemed regular and there was nothing unusual or unique. We had no idea what to expect.

Hailie continued to remind people that she as well as Brittany attended an "normal" school.

Hailie Jade

We attended a regular high school for children," Hailieexplained. "We did not think things were unique.

We've had so many common experiences that, whenever something similar occurred, I thought that everybody did it too.