Halsey has been sharing their story of having an abortion. Many have asked me after carrying a baby to term, after many years of trying to achieve it,

I've reconsidered my position regarding the issue of abortion." Halsey, 27 said in her letter. "The conclusion is a no. Actually, I've never been more passionate about it.

The abortion I had saved me, and also provided my son the chance to have his own, Halsey continued. "Every person should have the right to decide the time, the place they want to, 

and the way in which they will experience this potentially life-changing and dangerous encounter. I will keep my son's hand and battle with all my strength in the other.

The singer noted that she had miscarried three times prior to my birthday on the 24th of July," the singer explained,

"It seemed a cruel irony that I got pregnant without difficulty, yet had to fight to keep my pregnancy.

My miscarriage needed "aftercare," a nice method of saying that I'd require an abortion due to the fact that my body was unable to

terminate the pregnancy by itself and I'd be in danger of getting sepsis without medical intervention." the singer said.

In the course of this procedure I was crying. I was scared for my life and was powerless. I wanted to stop the pregnancy that was in danger of ending my life.

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Halsey revealed she was traumatized from the previous experiences , to the point that in the third trimester, while carrying Ender they even changed their will.