She told People that she was at the top of her game and then she ruined it. "I thought I had hit rock bottom. But then, there's the trap door that opens.

" Panettiere said that she has been determined to overcome her substance abuse disorder over the past year.

She went through both trauma therapy as well as inpatient treatment. She said that she put a lot into herself and had to be open to being incredibly honest. 

It has not been an easy journey and there have been many ups and downs. Even the most horrible things have been good for me. 

I feel extremely accomplished. I feel like I have another chance. Hayden Panettiere was a young actor and wasn't always herself in interviews or appearances.

Panettiere, in a new cover story published by People, opened up about her struggle with alcohol and opiate addiction.

She also explained that her experiences with drugs go back to her teenage years. According to Panettiere, the actor stated that her addiction began at age 15.

She would get "happy pills" from her team before she appeared on red carpets. This would allow her to be more energetic for interviews. 

Panettiere can now relate that experience to her addiction issues as an adult. Panettiere stated that my saving grace was that I could not be messy on set or working. 

Things got out of control [off-set]. As I grew older, I found that I couldn't live with out alcohol and drugs. beacuse of her daughter, arrives in this world she comes out from the addication.

it's not easy its take time and now she is not alcohol addicted.

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