Hayden Panettiere says being in an abusive relationship was "a extremely dark and difficult time in my life.

It was a difficult and dark period in my own life. However, many women have been through the same thing I experienced I want everyone to know that it's okay to seek assistance.

Nothing is perfect. However, I'd like to make sure everyone knows that for every person who experiences similar experiences, 

is on their own unique journey. There are no two things exactly the same. The pair, however, Hayden and Brian, 33 have come to peace as friends .

The pair were involved in an altercation with a different group in an hotel located in Los Angeles in March after Brian made a remark to a guest for leaving a "poor tip" to a server in the restaurant.

She said: None of it is acceptable and I'd like to make sure everyone is aware of that. However, I am open to those

who want to seek help and to take responsibility for their actions. He's been to therapy and completed his sentence. I'm trying to be in an attitude of forgiveness.

I'm trying to be in an understanding state. I believe that Brian was a good person as well and was ready to seek assistance.

I consider the wrongs I've done in my life , which I was forgiven by people. Making amends is an essential thing to learn 

through the treatment. It also gives you a great deal of peace within yourself.

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