she appears to be aware that there are lots of things greater than being celebrated. Her, however, she has a personal life that is extremely difficult at times.

As an example, a lot of people are aware of Bonham Carter's romantic relationship and Tim Burton which unfortunately ended in a bitter separation. 

Although it was a sad time for her, it is evident it was Bonham Carter who once went through even more devastation.

In 2008, a number of members of Helena Bonham Carter's clan were away on vacation when things went badly wrong to say the minimum.

In August 2008, Helena Bonham and several other members of Carter's family were taking an excursion on vacation in South Africa and were traveling in minivans.

Then one of the minivan's wheels suddenly ruptured, sending the vehicle flying through the air multiple times.

Following the incident, one of Bonham Carter's cousins, named Fiona Egerton Warburton, managed to get away from the crash 

with a fractured collarbone. Fiona's son, who is 16 years old, Piers was injured by whiplash from the incident.