On Thursday, the Las Vegas Raiders announced that Sandra Douglass Morgan is their new president.


Douglass Morgan will become the first Black woman to be elected president of an NFL team in the history of the league.

In a press conference held at Allegiant Stadium, the Raiders presented Douglass Morgan to be their team president. 

Morgan said that it was the honor of my life to be a part of the Raiders during one of the most important times in team history. 

The arrival of this team in Las Vegas has brought us new energy and opened up opportunities that we could not have imagined.

I look forward to bringing the team's integrity, spirit, and commitment on the field to every aspect of this organization.

Morgan, who was also the first Black person on the Nevada Gaming Control Board chair takes over the position immediately.

She is also the third female and third African-American woman to be elected president of an NFL team.

Morgan stated, "I am not here to sidestep or avoid problems or concerns that must be addressed." 

Douglass Morgan

"I have given much thought to the possibility of joining you and I did so because I believe in your promise.

Your core values of integrity and community are important to me. I also believe in your commitment to excellence.

I expect you to live these core values and hold me responsible for them. 

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