In a sneak peek of the upcoming episode Drink Champs on YouTube, Ne-Yo, the singer revealed the NSFW moment that him and Coco Austin.

Ne-Yo claimed that the legendary hip-hop artist Ice-T 64 once let him grab his wife's thigh during a Halloween event.

The video was shared on the Drink Champspage on the 9th of August to announce the show's upcoming episode, featuring the "Let Me Love You" singer.

Mind you, I'd been drinking at this time," Ne-Yo said. So, I went towards him and said"Bro I'm sorry to say that, with all respect, I've been wanting to squeeze Coco's A** for a very long time.

To which Ice-T was said to have replied, "'You know what? I'm just a pimp who'll allow you to do it.

Ne-Yo also claimed that before he was alleged to grab Coco's butt, Ice-T whispered into her ear. She smiled, and then allegedly let him to do this.

She was looking at him and smiling and then turned to me and smiled. Then she changed her mind and bent the object over. 

I took as large of the swath of it as possible," he added. "He handed me a pound and we ate, we had a drink and hung out for the remainder of the evening.