J.K. Rowling continues receiving major criticism for her statements and actions that many consider transphobic.

Gray spoke with Piers Morgan on July 4th. She said that she would say this, and people will hate her, but as a woman just because you change your [body] parts doesn't make it a woman.

Gray said that Gray was referring to transgender athletes and pronouns. However, Gray did not say that it made her a woman.

Many people called them transphobic and received a lot of backlashes.

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His Twitter Bio says, "World's first trans newsreader", and Gray responded by tweeting, "As For Macy - How to kill what's left your career," to which the singer replied, "the truth hurts."

Rowling however supported Gray's comments and responded with her own comment, "Today feels like a good time to make sure I've purchased @MacyGraysLife"

Rowling also reposted an innocuous tweet by Bette Miler about people trying to "erase women" using phrases such as "birthing people", to include all people capable of reproducing.