Jacob Elordi is speaking out about the fame he gained after his role in the Netflix film The Kissing Booth and the two sequels.

In a recent interview Euphoriastar, 25, spoke about his life. Euphoriastar also discussed the rumors that he heard about the

paparazzi would be the ones he called to capture his pictures and also the advice he received for advice from Ben Affleck.

It was as if suddenly I was a billboard," Jacob told GQ after becoming famous following the release of The Kissing Booth's debut.

"Like you, I felt like an advertising billboard. It was as if it were available for sale. Then, my brain went through the full f-king torn.

It was like, I wasn't certain if I was really me. It can really alter your perception. .... It leads to a paranoid lifestyle."

Following the initial Kissing Booth movie, He decided to stop acting. He claims that he "might appear rather dramatic and sensitive

however I'm very extremely dramatic and sensitive. I was a jerk to the general public. I felt so disconnected from myself.

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The author of the article was later quoted as saying "Particularly bothersome to Elordiwere certain theories

on dark corners of the internet, speculations that he was calling the paparazzi to direct attention to himself."

These reports caused Jacob to seek out advice to Ben Affleck on the set of their film Deep Water. Ben's advice "wasn't exactly reassuring."

Jacob told Jacobthat "in certain dark moments you feel as if you're a phony. It is difficult to decide if you really wanted the paparazzi to capture your photo.