The Jacksonville Jaguars have reportedly signed a new kicker in anticipation of their 2022 campaign.

After beating three kickers in the morning workout, NFL journeyman Elliott Fry is now on the Jags on their first-team roster for the season.

The Jaguars have brought Fry to the gym for a workout following reports that suggested the current players Ryan Santoso and Andrew Mevis 

struggled a lot during the practice on Thursday of training camp. They brought Mevis to the practice as a free agent undrafted in April.

Mevis was also signed by Santa also became an undrafted open-ended free agent during March.

Veteran Kicker

Fry was a frequent visitor to various organizations in the last couple of seasons He's played for his current team, the Bears, Ravens,

Panthers, Buccaneers, Falcons, Chiefs, Packers, and Bengals. In the span of his time, Fry has made only three games, scoring 5/6 field goals and 5/7 additional points.


The 27-year old placekicker produced well during his time playing for the South Carolina Gamecocks from 2013-16.