Retired NFL players are more likely to stay involved in the sport, either as coaches or media. Except for Jake Plummer, a former NFL quarterback.

Plummer, now 47 years old, played professional football for 10 years, six with the Cardinals, and four with Broncos. He amassed 29.253 passing yards, 161 touchdowns, and 161 picks.

Plummer retired in 2007 and has followed a very interesting career path.

Jake Plummer News, Fans Reaction

Plummer said to USA Today Sports he is currently a mushroom farmer from Colorado. He opened his shop 30 miles from Denver.

Plummer said that it's not as if we found this new mushroom. These mushrooms have been around for a long time,

so we are just trying to figure out how to grow them efficiently and extract the most potent parts.

Then, we will make them available to anyone who is interested in their health, wellness, preventive maintenance, and those who are tired of being sick and tired.

This is not a hobby. Plummer co-founded Mycolove Farms. It reportedly earns over $8,000 per month.


The Broncos have one of the most exciting groups of QB's (past/present) in the league.

NFL Fans Buzz

You don't have to like all of them, but Elway and Manning, Plummer and Tebow are not short of stories in Denver.

"Parker still killing it! "Great stuff man," one fan said.

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