The filmmaker promoted the re-release of Avatar. He also discussed the failures of 3D TVs and the future experience for users. He told IGN that "I think it's over."

He explained that he knows why everything failed. "They jumped into 3D to cash in on the theater boom and treat it like a feature."

They did 3D but used glasses that had to be charged and all that. There were large flat-screen TVs that didn't require glasses just a few hundred yards away, which look quite good.

Cameron, 68, said, "Not everyone is a movie geek like me where you sit down and put on the glasses by yourself

and watch a whole film. Which is more what the theatrical experience looks like." It was a bit out of sync.

He responded to the question of whether technology could be returned. "I think it can, but I cannot say because the home viewing experience for theatrical performances is fundamentally different."

He said, "I'm perfectly content if you can only get it in a movie theatre because it speaks to the specialness of cinematic experience which is evidently what the Avatar is in the first instance."