Philly the 76ers player James Harden has turned down the $47.3 million option to become an unrestricted free agent, according to sources. the ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski on Wednesday.

Harden is open to that could negotiate a new contract with Philly that could provide the Sixers roster flexibility during free agency, with the inclusion of the entire $10.5 million in exceptions.

he's expressed his desire to assist the team to restructure the team to be a contender for championships Sources told ESPN.

James Harden

The decision to opt-out could go a significant way to reshaping the Sixers bench, which includes the full mid-level exception,

and the $4.1 million biennial exemption, and the sign-and-trade agreements. However, they cannot be officially signed until noon p.m. ET on July 6.

Harden 32 Averaged 22.0 points along with 10.3 assists in 65 games for his team the Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia this season after

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being moved to Brooklyn in the direction of Philadelphia within the big-budget deal which was able to send Ben Simmons in the opposite direction.

The arrival of the player didn't alter the status quo for Philadelphia during the playoffs because the 76ers were eliminated during the 2nd round of the playoffs four times in the past five years.