This month, Harden has opted out of the team's $47.3 million contract with the league. Harden is said

to be willing to negotiate in conjunction with the Eastern Conference franchise to get an agreement that is team-friendly.

Harden along with the Sixers are set to begin negotiations on the agreement on Sunday afternoon at the Hamptons. 

Star of the free market James Harden is meeting with the Philadelphia 76ers today in the Hamptons to discuss

a new multi-year contract league sources inform the @YahooSports Twitter account," said NBA insider Chris Haynes.

Harden Renegotiating his contract will give Daryl Morey and the Philadelphia 76ers more flexibility.

A reduction in Harden's pay from $47.4 million allows the president of the 76ers Daryl Morey to offer free players

the $10.5 million non-taxpayer middle-level exemption without other adjustments or the flexibility Morey could have trouble 

in obtaining by trading players with guaranteed contracts, according to Shams Charania, a reporter for The Athletic.

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Harden was a huge disappointment in Philly the last season. He averaged an average of 21 points per game