James is the father who raised the daughter of his, Britney Spears, for 13 years in an arrangement that stripped Britney of a number of her most basic rights,

His daughter is accused of the same offense of essentially proving during a court that his supervision was unjust.

They provide the details from the media that in these documents they demand that their daughter be brought under oath immediately for the alleged assaults on her character

and the statements made by Britney Spears indicate that James will require her to retract or apologize for some that are controversial.

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because the 40-year-old was able to speak freely about anything from being barred from taking painkillers, even though she required them, in her case, to her denial of driving license or

that she was required to be drawn eight blood tubes each week to conduct medical tests. Alex Weingarten, attorney for Jamie Spears,

According to the hitmaker, Toxic "Continues to post content on his social networks containing outrageous accusations" regarding a variety of these topics,

that has led Matthew Rosengart, Britney's lawyer and who she calls the "guardian angel", to respond.

"Mr. Spears continues to be a disgrace for his actions, particularly following these foolish and misguided

Performances that are rife with falsehoods and omissions and lies, which he himself is able to be aware of" He said.