She spoke about her experiences with aging and revealed the one plastic surgery that she's "not proud" of.

I'm nearing 85, however, I don't appear to be that older," Jane revealed to Vogue. "So encouraging young people to not be afraid of

becoming old, and helping them understand that just because you're older doesn't mean that you should abandon your life and have fun, 

or give up on having girlfriends or boyfriends and making new friends or doing whatever else you'd like to do.

Jane then acknowledged that she does not hesitate in telling people her age saying, "Oh, Fonda. You're rich. You can afford a personal trainer.

You can pay for plastic surgery. You can pay for facials. You can afford things that allow you to keep looking young.

This is the truth. It is true that money can help. A good gene and lots of cash, someone once stated.

Jane Fonda

When discussing her past experience with plastic surgery Jane stated, "But then as I'm talking about that I'm thinking that we've all 

heard of women with a lot of money who's had a variety of facelifts and other procedures like that, and they appear awful.

The facelift I underwent was a bit of a disaster but I didn't do it because I don't wish to look disfigured. I'm not very proud of my facelift, but I did have"[one]."

Now I'm not sure what I would repeat if I'd take it on. However, I did it." Jane continued. I admit it, then I simply say,

okay, you'll become addicted. Don't keep doing it. Many women I'm not sure if are addicted to it.

Jane Fonda

She also said that although I don't have a lot of facials, I don't pay much money on facial creams or anything similar to this, but I am well-hydrated,

I rest regularly, I move, remain out of the sun and I have great friends who inspire me to laugh. Laughter is good also.