Janelle appeared to be ecstatic about her meal, however, people were quick to tear it down when Janelle posted

her meal on Instagram. The Star of the show Sister Wives star shared her meal on Instagram.

Janelle Brown

The plate was set on a plate that was multi-colored with the shapes of squares, leaves, and leaves as well as various designs.

The caption read"Long day. I'm exhausted. However, a bag of riced cauliflower frozen in the freezer, a bag of peas,

The convenience of having frozen or prepared vegetables in the fridge is a great way to save time.

Janelle Brown

The 53-year-old has been documenting how much weight she has lost on Instagram, and this is another of her photos.

In spite of Janelle trying to be healthier and eat healthily, some of her followers on social media considered the food "unhealthy" and believed it looked disgusting.

A user posted a picture of her dinner with the question: "Does anyone think that the food that Janelle posted yesterday isn't good looking?"

Doesn't look amazing... I'm thinking the peas are cooked too long and because it's beige and dark green this isn't the most delicious dish. I've only seen one person who respond to.