Jason Derulo insists that things were fine between him and Jena Frumes. Frames claim that it is the exact opposite.

Recently, she shared intense details of their split via social media. She also accused Derulo of cheating, like his other ex.

Jason Derulo

Frames and Derulo split after Frumes gave way to their son four months later, but they continued to share moments with each other on social media. 

Although fans assumed that they had reconciled, Derulo stated in People Magazine in November 2021 that they were just friends and good co-parents.

He said that he doesn't mind if people are confused about our situation. Our situation is ours. He said that we love our son more than anything and that his well-being is very important to us.

I am very attentive to her well-being and want her to be happy. She is very important to me. Contrary to many people's beliefs, we have an amazing relationship.

Derulo believes that spending time one-on-one with his son is more important than anything. He said that he loves to watch the same things as he does. 

Although he is still young enough to not fully understand what he is watching, I enjoy watching cartoons together.

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He brings out my child side again, I think.It’s unfortunate my situation didn’t work out because we once did aspire to be married