The Dune star 43, who is a Dune actor, posted a photo on Instagram on Monday to celebrate "new beginnings" by getting his locks cut off.

Jason Momoa Reveal

"Aloha, everyone," he said in the video. Then he said, "Hand me those braids."

Jason Momoa Shaves Head

While he held two pieces of braided hair cut, Momoa proceeded to talk while clippers shredded the shoulder-length hair.

"Shavin shaving off that hair... doing it to ..." the sake of it," he explained while pointing at the newly shaving his head. "I've never even felt the wind right there!" He added.

"Doing it for single-use plastics," Momoa continued. "I'm fed up with plastic bottles, we need to stop using plastic forks, plastic bottles everything that ---, gets to our land, gets into our oceans.

"I'm here in Hawaii right now, and just seeing things in our ocean, it's just so sad. Please, anything you can do to eliminate single-use 

plastics in your lives. Help me, plastic bottles are ridiculous... we're going to keep going -- oh, man. Love you guys. Aloha."