New court documents have been made public in connection with the custody battle regarding Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde's two children who live together, Otis, 8, and Daisy five.

Filing Olivia's file in her filing, she reveals the manner in which she received custody documents. 

If you recall, the actress was served with the papers during Cinema-Con when she was presenting her movie, Don't Be Worried Darling in front of an audience of thousands.

In the past... Jason decided that he'd like to move to New York for the next year, even though he's not at work,

Olivia Wilde

and wanted the children to stay with the family during this vacation time, Olivia said concerning their custody arrangements so that point in their new papers.

"When I was not in agreement as the children had not been living with me in New York for several years, Jason filed these documents.

Olivia said that she had been "mid-speech" while served. Jason's actions were clearly designed to frighten me and take me by surprise," she said.

He could have served me with a more discreet manner but he chose for me to be served in the most violent manner he could.

The documents went on to say, "The fact that Jason would make me look like a professional embarrassment and

make our personal conflict to the public in this way is utterly against our children's best interests..

As Jason has declared that we won't be able to figure this out for our children's benefit in the absence of court I have filed a petition seeking custody Los Angeles, she added.