Many consider Jay-Z the most influential artist of all time. Hov is also among the top-selling performers of his time, with more than 140 million records sold.

Hov's "God Did" verse was recorded in a single session according to what Engineer Young Guru had previously stated.

Young Guru uploaded the audio file accessible to the public through Instagram on September 4th. featuring two photos of the event in which HOV's vocals were recorded.

Both images show the entire session's audio. Jay-Z engineer, who reiterated earlier claims in the lengthy caption.

He detailed the remarkable steps HOV has to take prior to getting into the venue to create lyrics of this magnitude.

If you're adamant the rapper did this @djkhaled song in one go. This is just a result of the quality of his talent. The music is what's important.

The questions like, "are you going in the correct direction", and "is this the best flow" are all answered in your head prior to recording.

You then repeat the same verse repeatedly at the controls to remember the verse. Can Jay be able to sing all of the verses in a single go?

No. However, has he penned several lyrics in one go? No! It's not my opinion. You're right.

Jay-Z recorded the God Didverse