Talking about American hip-hop evolution is impossible without mentioning Biggie Smalls and Diddy as well as Jay-Z. Born 1969 in Brooklyn, New York

The "Young Forever” rapper became the Grammy's most-nominated artist, receiving 83 nominations and 23 wins.

The New York Post stated that this made him more popular than Paul McCartney, an English singer, and Quincy Jones, the iconic producer.

With his many accomplishments, Jay-Z might be able to retire and continue living the good life with Beyonce,

and their three children. There's plenty of evidence to suggest that Jay-Z has retired, as his 2017 album "4:44" was released.

Jay-Z spoke out about his career and addressed the long-held notion that he had retired from rap. Hart was told by the rapper that he doesn't know what will happen next.

I am not currently making music or making an album or planning to make one, but I don't want to say that I'm retired.

Jay-Z also admitted that he had suffered from burnout at one point in his career. But somehow, he wound up coming back.

The Roc Nation founder has hinted at a possible return to the studio. The rapper stated that it could be in a different format,

or a different interpretation. "Maybe it's an album. It might be. I don't know. It's all up to me.

Jay-Z Opens Up