A teenager Mom 2 alum Jenelle Eason (nee Evans) has a complex relationship with her mother, Barbara Evans, as she accused her mom as a "toxic" mom.

Where is Barbara Evans, Today? After having lived in Massachusetts, Barbara retired and lives at Oak Island, North Carolina.

Jenelle, the former MTV actor said in a June 2022 Instagram post that Barbara was unable to "acknowledge" Jenelle's "accomplishments," adding that "[does not help."

and I'm just trying to stay silent." Jenelle said in the video's caption post. "I am the happiest I've ever felt in my entire life.

Jenelle called Barbara "toxic" as a result of several texts Jenelle claims she received which claimed Barbara was slandering the daughter of her behind her.

Another possibility of conflict between the mother-daughter couple was the time that Barbara returned to members of the group from

The Teen Mom: Young and Pregnantand was referred to as Jenelle as a source of advice for other mothers.

Don't get caught up in fame because it could cause you to lose your life. It occurred to Farrah. She's a complete mess," she told me.

Even Jenelle, she spent an enormous amount of money to buy boats, cars, and all sorts of things for boyfriends. What do you think of as f-king nuts?