Jennette McCurdy declares she's at an age where she's able to grieve her mother despite the years of abuse that she endured during her mother's time.

In a chat with Anna Faris on the podcast Anna Faris is unqualified, McCurdy, 30, revealed that she's finally found peace after 10 years 

since her mother passed away after a long fight against breast cancer. She iCarlyalum has written about her tangled relation to her late mother, in her memoir, I'm Happy My Mom died.

"I think that closure is a difficult thing to find or possible to find it," said McCurdy, who wrote about her mother's violent behavior,

including instructing Jennette to become overweight as well as bathing her through her teens in her book. "But I'm sure that's the thing that the book has helped me with.

It was my opinion that there was some effort to get closure. Today, I'm able to share this experience with my mom, and I will always grieve her.

Jennette McCurdy

Just to say "oh, I miss her, and then it's just that. Instead of saying, 'I am missing her, I would like to throw an object, I'm angry, I'm hurt,

and I do not want to be missing her, but I really do miss her." wrote the writer. "It was so ****** difficult for a long time, but now it's a lot more natural."

In a reflection on her childhood, McCurdy spoke about how "normalized" it was to be raised in an abusive family.

Despite the continuous chaos that occurred with physical and verbal violence, McCurdy didn't realize her existence was not exactly what it seemed.