Jennifer Aniston reportedly didn't have the most reputable reputation at the peak of her fame. Despite her laid-back, warm,

and welcoming personality many people did not wish to collaborate with Aniston. According to Radar, the actress was criticized by her "diva" actions when filming.

Aniston has been reported to have refused to meet her coworkers for lunch. She preferred to eat on her own in her luxurious trailer that was set apart from the other trailers.

Her actions are a clear signal to anyone that she's not a person to talk to," a disgruntled source said. 

"There's no reason she should behave any more than the rest of us. ..." Some stars couldn't stand Aniston or were left wondering the

reason why she was sought-after despite a number of box office disasters. Insider included a number of doozies, such as "Love Happens," Rumor Has It," and "The Switch.

Jennifer Aniston took to Instagram to mourn the loss of her fellow coworker. Page Six reports Erik Gunnar Mortensen was a camera

assistant on "The Morning Show" which also features Aniston as well as Reese Witherspoon. Mortensen was fatally injured in an accident 

following the motorbike he was riding crashed on a California highway. He is survived by his wife Keely and their two-year-old son, Lars. 

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